There are more than 4.74 billion users on social networks as of today

And one link to share them all!

Full Privacy

There is no smartphone tracking or any other device activity on the platform, nor do we perform any type of reading of the devices you use to access the platform.

Without Cookies

We don't even use a SINGLE COOKIE and it is because we do not track your activity, settings, preferences, devices, etc.; because You should never blindly "Accept Cookies" on websites!

No Third Party Services

While third-party services can provide useful functionality to any web service, they also introduce potential risks that we don't want you to suffer.

Updated in Real Time

Each update is automatically deployed around the world. No matter the social network, messaging service, web gallery, podcast, etc.

Absolutely Simple

Nothing is easier than writing your links to blogs, ebooks, manuals, infographics, podcasts, profiles, videos, web pages, white papers, etc. just once and forget about them for the rest of your life; one link to share them all.

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